Thursday, May 31, 2012

Evening Fishing Trip... looks perfect, but you know better

Saturday evening we ventured out after dinner to go fishing;)

Since getting their fishing rods two Christmas' ago, the kids had really only been fishing with Grammie (Brian and I tagging along to provide extra hands!!) But we have a sweet church friend that has offered MANY times to have us over to fish in his pond. So finally, we did it:)

It was just a gorgeous evening. And this property and home are so very simple, natural and beautiful to visit.



Chris getting all hooked up.... worm and a bobber;) You can't completely see his face... but his little cheeks raised show his smile... all excited to get started!

The kids and their rods.... fishing;) 


What made this trip fun and unique was that we actually caught something.... our first catches!!

Just as the sky was beginning to darken, the fish began really biting! And we better explained to the kids how to detect a fish on their lines;) Of course the bobbers helped, too;)


Brian was the first:)


Brian helping Lydia reel in her catch... night blur:)

What was funny was the kids reaction... they wanted to keep the fish sooo bad. But we literally caught TWO and came totally unprepared to keep any. Plus they don't EAT fish... LOL!! They were determined to bring them home for the cats:/

It was soo beautiful and the scenes captured of the kids fishing or standing with Daddy gives the impression of a romantic and perfect evening...



Have you ever taken 3 young, inexperienced kids fishing (and a little one running) after 7 at night???

IMG_9147Determined to cast their own lines... think hooks flying everywhere!

The fish really liking our worms... think Daddy busy with hooks and worms (because Momma is a wimp)!!

And a little one who likes to run close to the water... think Momma chasing down the little one while ducking the flying hooks!!

Oh, and the kids bummed they can't keep the TWO fish to feed to the cats... LOL!!

Getting the picture;)

Great memory! Fun pictures (even the night blurry ones)! But LOTS of WORK!!

And we'll definitely do it again... with a little more structure and earlier in the afternoon;) And maybe a harness for the little guy!

round button chicken


Grammie said...

Yeah so glad you actually caught something!!! Grammie is so proud of Brian doing the worms and I can totally understand Kelly's concern with Nate running around. What a wonderful evening and it sounds enchanting. Love you all

Jenny said...

It does look fun, but I can picture it being a bit on the stressful side. LOL about the kids wanting to keep the fish for the cats!

skoots1mom said...

that would wear you out...but what fun, great learning and wonderful memories.
keep it up!

Lena ~ JOYfilled family said...

Deo gratias! beautiful photos and memories.