Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Year in Review : Zoo trips :)

One of our highlights this year have been the 5+ trips to the Virginia Zoo. We received member passes as an Easter gift....and we got our money's worth, even though we live 2 hours away!!

Here's a quick view of one of our funniest memory's

The kids really love the animals. During our first visits Christopher only knew the word "giraffe" but now he's identifying most of the animals:) It's been fun to see change in this way....elephants, zebras, etc.
You can always visit our zoo, too. Just go to their website and view the Zoo Cam.
So, the zoo passes were a FUN gift!!! And a trip to the zoo is always fun!!! We can't wait for the spring, or a WARM winter day!! For now we'll settle for an Internet visit on the Zoo Cam.

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Drea said...

when we going? :-D