Friday, December 28, 2007

Treasures at Goodwill

Brian and I "snuck" out this afternoon to run some errands at the local Walmart near Grandma and Granddaddy's. What fun to shop without kiddies!!! Please hear me out....I lOVE my kids....I take them everywhere and it's hard for me to leave them. But it's soo nice to get breaks and much needed time with Daddy :)

So we hit all the sales at Walmart..he hehee! And then on our way home we decided to try the local Goodwill. I really wanted to get some bikes for the kids. Grandma and Granddaddy live in a great subdivision with beautiful sidewalks and it was warm today! The perfect day for bike riding.

When we got there we saw some bikes parked out front and a sign above them that said "Bike 50% off today"!!! I looked quickly at the selection and found the "perfect deal" for us. It was a cute little pink bike with training wheels and a baby doll seat (perfect for my baby-loving daughter). We then ventured inside, me dragging the little pink bike, and found an old Rock-n-Roll trike (I wanted to get one for Lydia for Christmas or her b-day)!! Anyway, we walked up to the check-out and I saw a cute purse with the Target tags still on it...I have been wanting a non-diaper bag purse for sometime:) (I'm not a designer purse lady...I just like what I like and if I find it at a good deal, I'm there.) So in a matter of 2-3 minutes at the Goodwill we found the items on our wish list!!!

I have NEVER been so excited to get home and see my kids faces!! I knew they would be soo excited. We pulled the bikes out as soon as we got to the house and I ran inside!! I pulled out a bike helmet (that I also found at Goodwill) and told Anna that she needed it inorder to play with the surprise we got her....she found her shoes and ran outside:)

So, let's see:
Pink Bike $3.50
Trike $3.99
Helmet $3.19

An afternoon outside riding bikes and taking pictures : PRICELESS

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