Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Boots

As friends and neighbors bless our kids with Christmas gifts we let them open them...our first couple of Christmas' as newly married we did not open ANY gifts until Christmas morning...but we love watching our kids open presents and so do the people who give the gifts. We desire forthem to see the kids' faces.

Well last Thursday we went out to eat with a sweet couple from our church....they are soo brave to take US..all 5 of us to eat!! But as we were pulling the kids out of the van we realized that Christopher was missing shoes, thank goodness he's still a little guy and can get away with it:)

Anyway, once inside the couple quickly pulled out the gifts they had for the Of all the times to forget a pair of shoes...we really lucked out. The kids LOVED them!! They immediatley wanted their boots on and they walked around in them and showed them to some other customers, the waitresses and the chef ;) They were just too cute.

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I had to catch them for a pic....they've been getting plenty of wear in the house and to church on Sunday....ha hah aha. I NEVER thought MY kids would be wearing boots....ha ha haa!!

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Andrea said...'s my first time to your blog, but I love it already! And your kids are so cute - and so ar their boots! haha :) My son likes to wear his scarf around the house right now...but I'm sure boots will appear sometime!!