Saturday, December 22, 2007

Caffeine Anyone?

We were out and about again last night...phew....too many nights!!! But anyway, we ended up at a faast food restaurant with a HUGE playground to let the kids run off so the energy they had while we were trying to shop :)

We are SUPER we are frugal. We prefer to spend our money on the things that we really want or need, rather than extras at restaurants, etc!! So we ALWAYS drink water(home and out)...mostly because we don't want to pay for soda and for the health benefits of water!!

Once we all were seated with our meal and a quick blessing our friend told us that she got her bottled water from the car b/c she didn't want to pay the for a cup of water. We questioned her and realized that we HAD paid for the water...the SAME price as a soda. We figured it was a hassel to try to get a we did the next best thing.....we drank SODA!! Actually I drank sweet tea!

And I'm not saying we drank a cup of soda...we figured we might as well drink our money's worth! I'm not sure how much my husband drank but I drank 4 glasses of tea!! We do occasionally have tea...especially with company for a meal...but I will usually have only one cup.

After the meal we went to get some groceries and some stocking stuffers and then we headed home. It was late for the kids, so we quickly got them to bed. And then I started unpacking the bags, tidying the husband asked if we could sit and rest....but I had stuff that needed to be done that night... ha ahaha!! I was soo wired with caffeine I was almost shaking!! I wrapped all the little items I had purchased and finished all sorts of tasks. We headed off to bed, later than usual and then I was up reading until at least 1am!!!

I've always thought caffeine didn't mess with me too much....boy was I WRONG. It doesn't mess with me becasue I don't drink it!!! :) I drank extra water today, just to get all the sweet out of my system...ha ahhaa...I was thirsty ALL day!!

Ohh...I posted a pic of Anna with her doll from the other day. It's a cute one!!

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Erica said...

yes, look what turning into mommy does for you!! i've also been 'ruined' for life. and this pregnancy i can't even have it occasionally in the morning or i can't sleep at night! i'm not addicted, but i do yearn for that occasional cup of coffee......or should i say pick me up!!!!

miss you, girl!