Friday, December 28, 2007

Strikes again??? The Battle with the Virus and Allergies

Well we've had a pretty uneventful day with the stomach virus....thank goodness. Lydia has spit-up some and those of us who were feeling sick still aren't eating much. The one to watch now is Daddy...he's been walking around complaining of a stomach knot/ache and I think he brought the "bucket" to bed :( So I'm thankful for the quiet day and really hoping for a quiet NIGHT!!!

What we have had problems with today have been allergic reactions. The kids have allergic rash reactions to foods....but we're not sure where these reactions are coming from. There are always going to be accidental exposures, but it always seems that when we're away from home...out-to-eat, visiting family, happens more frequently...even when we're careful. In many ways it demonstrates how much we've had to change at our home so that it is safe for the kids...EVERYWHERE in the home!

Christopher's Allergy Breakout

This is what Christopher's face looked like this morning when he woke up. He got a hold of some milk before bedtime, but we're sure we really cleaned him up, so his reaction should have only lasted a few minutes (not all night). After some more thought we decided to rewash his sheets just incase it was the detergent and I gave him some Benadryl, just to get the swelling down.

All problems. Then in the bath, Christopher broke out again...all over his stomach. The wash is what I usually use??? Who knows??

And then Anna went to bed with a rash all over her mouth? Maybe someone kissed her goodnight and had a milk product on their lips???

Allergies always seem to be a mystery to us. Like Brian, he was having really bad allgeric reactions.....runny nose, head cold, miserable. After being tested for every environmental allergy he decided to not eat milk products. NO joke, 2 or 3 days later he was off allergy medication and went for weeks without a reaction. Then he started experimenting and eating one milk reaction, but then the next trial with milk he had to go back to the Benadryl. So he wasn't sure what to think so he got his blood tested for milk and peanut came back today NEGATIVE!!!! So what can he be reacting to. OR is it a quanity he has to have a certian quanity of milk products???

Always a mystery....but I am soo thankful that our reactions have been minor. And that we only allergic to foods that can be easily eliminated :)


Drea said...

you are on a blog roll arent you :-D blog diva kelly! hehe
Im sorry to hear about all the stomach flus and allergic reactions, ugh! that must be hard. Stomach flus are so hard... but I can imagine this allergy mystery is just as hard because you dont know whats causing it.

Hope the mystery is solved...
Maybe their allergic to gluton? I dunno..

fish?... protiens... Im sorry I have no help ... :-|

Hugs to the fam.
Caleb got a tricycle 2... he needs help or needs to watch anna do it tho because hes not getting it!! he gives up to fast.

Travis or P.T. said...

Well, I can finally read your blog now that I know the address. :)
I hope the things get a little better for you all. Good luck solving the mystery.

p.s. Caleb is sick too. He threw up once yesterday morning around 3am. Seemed fine the rest of the day. But just threw up again this morning too (2 am). I'm pretty use to stomach viruses, but I've never seen one like this.

Andrea said...

It seems the flu is going around...everywhere! We just had it in our house too...not fun. And those allergies...hopefully you figure them out soon! I know I used to have SUPER bad allergies when I was a kid and it must've been a lot of extra work for my mom!