Friday, December 28, 2007

HMM...not quite over :(

Well we decided to make the journey to Grandma and Granddaddy's house even though we weren't sure who was over the bug and who wasn't. I woke up sick to my stomach....the worst feeling. You know when you feel like vomitting but it just doesn't come. My poor children feeling this way for days now.....

Anyway, it a last minute grab as we packing into the van...I grabbed a bucket incase someone got sick!! We are all so thankful....I would have had my head out the window, like a dog :) The trip was miserable. Lydia also got sick again....for the last few days the only thing she has consitently kept down is breastmilk (thank goodness for breastfeeding).

I ached all over so when we got to Grandma's I took some pain-med. and then napped through dinner. When I woke up I felt soo much better and even ate some dinner!!! And this morning I feel even better.....except being tired, Lydia didn't want to sleep in her pack-n-play. At home she would have cried it out some....but on trips we susally have a couple of share a room, so it's just easier to figure out where she wants to sleep and go with it:) I know she's SPOILED.

Christopher woke with a reaction to something....his face was swollen and blotchy....he got into some milk last night but we thought we had cleaned him up!! So we are washing his bedding, maybe it's the detergent used to washed the blankets. I took a picture but I'll have to post it later:)

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Mark and Rachel said...

So sorry ya'll have been sick :( What a bummer....hope you are all feeling 100% again really soon!