Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sharing the Computer!!

For those who know me and my children, know that my little Anna is on the computer almost as much as her Momma...ah ah aha. No really, this child can navigate around her little kiddie websites and has now learned to pull up her favorite websites using the favorites list. (She's got a VERY good memory...if she sees me do something, she'll remember and copy it. You should get her driving directions....we'll drive by a turn in the road and she'll know where that road would lead us.) It's pretty common for her to be checking out Andrea's site or the Virgina Zoo to check-out the animals on their web-cams!!

I think it's great for her to be able to explore and learn on her kid sites....very educational! But I really have to keep an eye on her so she doesn't get into anything that would be offensive or obscene.

We've been discussing her getting her own computer....although I'm thinking she's still too young, 3-yrs old!! One reason is when I have a little "free-time" I can get online and get my stuff done instead of being up late at night:) And partially b/c she's been changing the fonts on one day all my internet fonts are gigantic!!! We about fell out of our seats when we saw what she had worked on today. Here it is......

new computer desktop screen

Yes, she had taken a picture off on the Clifford website and had pasted onto my desktop!!!! CLIFFORD!!... no more sweet family picture!!

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Drea said...

she is so bright!!