Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Here's a Go!!

So I've decided to join the many blogging Momma's!!!! I enjoying reading their everyday life posts but I really wanted to add something new to the mix....and I'm not as tech. savy as I once thought I was (my very, very smart Computer Science partner Stephanie will say "amen" to that one...poor girl, stuck with me).

So I decided during a frustrating dinner where the mix ingredients I planned on used displayed milk products....I decided to blog about what food allergy moms and family do daily...fix and eat meals that are "safe" (won't cause any reactions).

This is a journey for me as I learn the blogging lingo and tricks. Maybe learn how to do some fun stuff. Share some of our recipes and "fix-it" receipes. And hopefully, hopefully encourage someone else who is starting down this food allergy road.

I have been blessed in my journey with friends who have much more experience than I do or did. And with my mother-in-law recipes scout :) And our families have been amazing in trying to feed us during visits and try to understand our "at times" crazy food life...not to mention our busy little ones that make an home a little wild:)

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Drea said...

Let me know when you want me to annouce you on my blog ;-) ill get you some traffic, tee hee.

BTW "photos" are a big hit on blogs even if you discuss food allergies add a few pics into the bunch and people enjoy it more.

Us visual people!
Photobucket.com << is a great way to upload photos and add them to your blog. Best part, its FREE!

Glad you started blogging!