Tuesday, February 1, 2011

TTT - The Bestest Movie, Reading Material & More

Chris was trying to talk me into letting him watch a DVD after naptime. Finally he asked for a Leapfrog DVD... he knows what to ask for;) And I agreed!

Then he added," This is the bestest movie ever, MOmmie. It is soo important for me to watch because it teaches me how to read!"

Anna was supposed to be napping, but she had taken a book off the table to read while she rested. She kept calling over to me some of the things she was reading about.

Anna (6 yrs) : "It says if you eat this you will loose weight. I've eaten it before and haven't lost any weight."

Anna: "hah haaa... It says that you can eat bacon and loose weight."

After a few more I respond back, "What are you reading?"

She holds up a Readers Digest.... LOL!! She will pick up anything to read!!!


We had a BEAUTIFUL weekend and we tried to get out as much as we could. After naps on Saturday, I tried to sneak outside for a bit again. Lydia had been outside for a little bit but had decided to come back in for a bit;)

ON my way out the door I told her that I'd be out in the yard.

She started looking sad and then little eyes started to fill with tears. And she said,"You can't leave me in here. SOmeone has to take care of me!"



Jenny said...

LOL about Anna reading Reader's Digest. That is funny! Chris sure knows how to get a DVD on, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Aww. That is so hilarious.

RicKaren said...

Aww...very sweet!