Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up: Early Spain & Rivers

This week was weird.

We had a broken dryer (which just threw me... didn't really affect schooling except time trying to find a new one) and two birthday days;) Lydia's birthday being on Wednesday and Brian's on Friday:)

On Wednesday, we started the morning with chores and then as I started working on the house and kitchen to prepare for Andrea's crew for lunch with us, the kids worked on some crafts that they received the night before. And then they worked on Legos and Anna completed some schoolwork assignments;)

I was thankful they entertained themselves, after a while they came into the kitchen to "help"... so I put them to work;) And they were such a big help!! It was really nice that they helped set the table and gather extra chairs, etc!!

The little lunch gathering went well... and it was nice having a smaller celebration;)

And then on Friday we went off on a little adventure. We've heard of a great science museum in Raleigh, but we never had gone!! So off we went... so cool:) We'll definitely be back there again!! But it was a LONG but good day.... and we celebrated Brian's birthday with his favorite meals/dessert on Saturday:)

Here's a look at the rest of our week by subject...

We worked on our Awana verses:)

And we began the last part of Psalm 19!! I think it's my favorite part:) Our verse this week was
12 How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults.

Using motions and my ASL book, we "acted" the verse out! The kids really enjoyed it and learned the verse fast!! Anytime we can make learning Scripture easy and fun AND hide it in my kids' heart is awesome to me;) Only 2 more verses to go.... and then we'll have to review the middle part again (I'm still learning it as well) !!

I really tried to stay consistent with Chris this week.... I feel like he's the type of kid who functions better when he knows what to expect! And I was soo thankful with what he completed out of Ordinary Parents... did you see the "period"... it's his motivation to get to the end of the sentence:) Hey, it works for him and that works for me;)

Lydia did a lot of listening to books;) She already knows her letters and phonic letter sounds, but it's nice to review each WITH how to write each, so last week she concentrated on T... with some writing pages and "T" activities:)

Anna continued to read library books, mostly working through another Magic Tree House and books collected for our subjects. She also has started to carry around my 1st Bible, a Precious Moments NIV:) And she has been reading that during her alone reading time and even in the afternoons when her and read together for a bit;) While part of me wants her to read something with a "grade level" on it or something challenging so we can practice harder words.... what an amazing blessing for my child to pick up a Bible and WANT to read:) So she's been reading the Bible:)

She also did ONE Spelling unit!! I stress one because she could do MORE, but she's had a few "distracted" mornings where she's wanted to help Lydia or Chris than do her own:) We're working on it;)

We rocked through our Saxon lessons;) And ate a LOT of apples;) Chris is in Saxon 1 and we've had to consume apples to make a graph of how many seeds in each apple.... we're used to eating apples, but maybe HAVING to eat apples and knowing how many we're actually eating has made it seem like more than usual!!

Anna did more carrying over, reviewed the adding/subtracting 9 rule, worked with mixed numbers (soo excited she's getting exposed to this early since I have taught/tutored many high schoolers who struggle with fractions/mixed numbers)!!

We talked and read about rivers using our science book and then library books;) And then we used the Usborne quicklinks to do some of the interactive websites... my kids really enjoy these and I think it's great they are reviewing the information in a fun way!

From the river information we also read books about some of the animals who live near rivers. They really liked one books were it showed the tracks of each and a couple of facts. What was neat was that on Friday at the natural science museum the kids were TALKING about what we had learned earlier in the week... such great moments... phew... they are getting it!!

Thursday afternoon, we also ventured out to our local river!! I made them a little worksheet where they could "discover" the river using their 5 senses, ie what they could see, hear, smell, touch. They loved being outside... and the charts kept their attention (for a bit)!
Our river... in the winter;)
my little scientists

Chris helping Lydia draw a turtle...
the one he "thought" he smelled
such a beautiful (but chilly) day

This week our history was very simple... reading the material, narration page and the coloring pages. We got some fun library books later in the week and finally read through some of them on Friday as we traveled. Simple!

Besides the Lego and board game playing:) The trip to the Natural Science Museum and TWO birthdays... that was about it for us:)

I'm linking up to Weekly Wrap-up:) And to The Homeschool Village since we break the GroundHog Day feeling with field trips and outings even when it's chilly and there isn't much to see at the river in the winter:)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great week. That museum sounds fun!

Carmen said...

It sounds like a very busy week. Happy BIrthday to your little guy.
In Saxon Math, we also ate apples and counted seed this past year. So, fun! ;) I enjoyed your weekly wrap up. Thanks for letting me peak in.

Jennifer said...

The science museum sounds like fun.

Our Side of the Mountain said...

LOVE the river photos! How sweet that they work so well together!


Jennifer said...

It sounds like you had a great week!

Our washer went out this week, and we had plumbing issues to deal with too---we discovered them when they brought the new washer to install it. Like you, we got a lot of school work done, but it seemed like there were a LOT of distractions!


Angela said...

Love your overview. It helps me get an idea of what to expect in a few years :)

The museum looks like a lot of fun. Have you been to any of the other museums in Raleigh? I've been thinking a Wake Forest visit is in order. There are so many things to do in Raleigh. The science museum might be one :)

grandma said...

I'm amazed and so thankful at all the kids get to see and do!

Drea said...

sounds fun!!

wdworkman said...

Looks like a fun day at the river!
Janet W

Jenny said...

What a great, busy week! The museum sounds fun. LOL about the apples!

Bummer about the dryer! There's just 3 of us and we get so behind on laundry if something goes wrong. I'm sure that was a major pain!

Have a great week!

Alicia said...

Wow..good for you!!! It sounds like you are on top of their homeschooling!! Great job!