Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Things that Start with L

You Capture's theme this week is L... the kids helped me brainstorm some fun ideas.... including Lollipops and Legos (which we have plenty of).... but I never did get pictures of them :(

so here goes, from the pictures I DID take this week;)

Learning.... Chris working hard on his Doubles Addition Facts:)

Lump of Play-Doh.... explanation coming on our Weekly Wrap-Up :)

Little Brother in Big Brother's boots :)

Lydia ... my sweet Lydia;)



Renegades said...

Your little brother shot is so cute.

Drea said...

ahhh i love the boot shot!! so cute.

That be a cute 1 yr portrait idea ;-)

and im glad to see we arent the only shirtless boy schoolers.

Our Side of the Mountain said...