Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

We were busy making Valentines last week and little Lydia was trying to tell who her Valentines were for. She was trying to make me understand which "Grandma" and she said,

"You know, the Grandma that has a Granddaddy."

LOL!! I thought it was funny:)

We have been working our way through the solar system and I found a cute little planet rhyme hoping it helps the kids (and I) learn the order of the planets.

The funniest thing though is that Anna enjoys calling out the names of the planets as we read the "poem" and each time she gets to the planet Uranus (one that always causes giggles b/c of the name) she calls it 'uterus'!! LOL!!

I've gently corrected her with the right word without trying to explain anything;)

And just this afternoon as Daddy was being goofy, Anna called out from the other room," He is your husband!"

We chuckled and then I asked, "Well what does that mean"

She answered, "He's your husband, not your boy. So you can't boss him around."



ElisabethCS said...

that's so funny!

I thought it was like "he's your husband" like parents say, "he's your son";) haha

I love stuff my kids say.
I'll have to link up soon.

April said...

I like the "he is your son" comment.

One time, my daughter said, "Babe, come get your son" talking about her brother, she was copying something I say.

Bea said...

Where is Anna learning all these??? it is so hilarious!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Too funny!! I love reading these.

Uncle Scott said...

"He's your husband...so you can't boss him around." Classic!!