Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Freaking Out & Wagon Trips

So far Lydia's food allergies have been minimal... she still has them. But her reactions have been very minor, so she doesn't have that "fear" of a reaction that the older kids have.

This week she found some candies we had and wanted to "try" one... even though one of the last ingredients was a part of egg. Here is her reasoning;)

Sunday at lunch the kids started another conversations about babies coming out of tummies. While I was in and out of the kitchen they were talking about all they know (which isn't much... not yet!!).

Chris is my thinker. He looked at me and asked point blank,"How does the baby get in there?"

And I'm not sure the initial answer I gave him. But he wasn't pleased with my detail. So he asked more clearly, "Mom, what is the first step?"

I confidently answered, "First you need a Mommy and a Daddy."

Chris shook his head like he got it and the conversation was over... for now;)

And the reason Brian wasn't in on the above conversation was because he was having to make a hospital visit. We had a man rushed to our local hospital Sunday AM and then transferred to a larger hospital.

Anyway, the kids asked why they couldn't go with Brian and I told them that our friend was sick and that he might be in the ICU and kids usually can't go in there.

Good grief.... I was very serious with them, but they BUSTED out laughing!! And then as sooo as one caught their breath they said slowly," I C U" or "I see you".

I"m blaming this "joke" on the Awana van kids who taught my kids that spelling "I CUP" out loud is funny!!

I'm sure there was more this week I am forgetting especially since Chris has been soo giggly lately... must still be on that Valentine candy high???

Oh..... and two sweet moments!!

One sweet moment was Lydia, my little peacemaker, offering to give me her special Christmas present necklace since I didn't have one like hers :) Such a doll she is;)

The other was Anna pulling Nate around the yard in the wagon yesterday;) She's a great big sister;)
She's a great big sister;)


grandma said...

I love the pictures and video---where does Lydia learn so much!!!

Tracey M. said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one posting a little "potty" humor. Cute stuff!

Jenny said...

LOL about her not freaking out! Too cute!

Abby is sitting here and saw the pic of Anna holding her 2nd grade sign. She said, "how old is she?" I told her Anna was 6 and she said, "how can she be only 6 and in 2nd grade?" Then she said, "oh she's probably 6 and three quarters".


Anonymous said...

Awww! So cute. Love it! Your kids are so sweet.