Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is What Happens

When you do this... boing, boing, boing

and this....

some of this (without money... LOL!!!)

a lot more of this

and even this!
Instead of spending all day at home, working on stuff like this:)

On Wednesday we ventured to a Homeschool Skate.... so much fun and soo empty! But the kids had a blast and the MOmma came home exhausted as well:) And one of the reasons it was soo much fun was meeting up with friends... thanks to Andrea and her crew and our new friends, Shannon and her crew:)

And with a chance of snow and/or wetness tomorrow... we'll have plenty of time to get back to the books this week:)


Heather said...

That sounds like fun. I was just thinking the other day that I need to get out and do something "fun" with the kids. I don't do "field trips" like I used to. The more smaller children the more we stay inside. :( We do like to go to the museum some weeks.

Jenny said...

What a day! We need to find some fun things to do. It's so cold out that we just end up walking the mall or something...very boring!

Drea said...

did it snow? its all gone LOL
that was the shortest snow day ever.

We had a great time!

minus the poop.

Shannon said...

We had a great time too, love the pictures!!

Angela said...

Looks like so much fun! Is this a Martin Co. group or are you a part of a Washington or Greenville group?

Larry and I had a great discussion on our future hopes and plans for Home schooling tonight. Still have a few years before we're offical, but looking for groups already.

Sarah Halstead said...

How fun! Cute photos.