Tuesday, February 1, 2011

9 Months... on the go!

The Stats:
  • Weight (at home) 2o.5 lbs
  • Height (at home) 28 1/4 inches
  • Size 3 diapers
  • 12 Month still fit the best; 18 month pants when he's in a cloth diaper (although it's long)
  • Naps in the morning and afternoon
  • Tooth Count: 2 bottom center, one on top right & the second top is trying to push through
Favorite Foods:
  • Avocado
  • Graham crackers
  • MultiGrain Cheerios
  • MEAT!! - yes, he'll skip over the veggies to get to the meat
  • Loves feeding himself, so meals can get a little messy:)
New Tricks:
  • Walks around the crib holding onto the sides & loves turning on the music to his mobile
  • Pulls up and lets go!!

  • When placed on his feet will stand and try to balance himself to stay up
  • Yes, he took his 1st step NOT holding on... it was a fluke, but we saw it... I'm not ready for walking yet:)
  • Flipping little flaps in books

  • "Waves" bye-bye by opening and closing his fist... sooo precious!

  • Also showed some separation issues when I tried leaving him in a nursery
  • Reaches out for us
  • When sleepy, he'll find a burp cloth and rub his face in it... so cute to see;)
  • Definitely "talkative" just not really definite on any 1st words yet... although he babbles "da-da-da-da" (Daddy) or "bwa-bwa" (thinking Brother for Chris)

Favorite Things to Do:
  • Eat paper... especially magazines and schoolwork
  • Play in the bathroom, especially if someone is taking a bath
  • Play in the Tupperware cabinet in the kitchen

  • Attempt to play with siblings toys
  • Snuggle with his burp cloths
  • Sing at church:)
What We're Watching for:
  • His hands and faces get soo irritated when he is drooling and teething
  • Allergies - reacted after playing with Owen's toys... so probably a milk allergy :(
  • The TOILET.... he LOVES the toilet and we've caught playing in it too many times
  • Distractions during nursing
  • Loves being independent and mobile... makes sitting through a church service hard
  • More sounds or "words" or starting to use and understand actions/signs
  • Waiting for that 1st full night's sleep... we were almost there but then we had an overnight trip and some teeth coming in:)
Momma's Thoughts
Nate keeps us busy... to the max. It's not enough to know where he is but what he is into. He's eaten his fair share of paper (yes, even toilet paper out of the potty.....we've GOT to keep that bathroom door SHUT!). He's just soo curious and busy.... I mean it's great, but it's busy:)

He's my crawling Baby-Zilla.... he'll destroy any creation the kids have made with Duplos or the train track or pictures. It's very common to hear him squawking and see one of the kids (even Lydia) carry him out of the room they are playing in, set him in the living room, give him a toy and RUN back to the game/toy they were playing with... kind of sad, very humorous... PAY BACKs!!

I'm just soo treasuring the fleeting snuggling moments.... Nate is getting soo distracted when he nurses and so obviously he won't really sit in my lap to just snuggle... if he's awake he's moving;) So I get those moments in the wee hours of the morning when he makes his way back into our bed and when he first wakes up.... after that he's on the GO!!!!

As far as correcting him is going... we're using a lot of distraction/moving him as well as telling him "no!" and holding his hand firmly, especially when he is reaching for stuff, like the plunger or electrical outlets. He'll fuss when we move him out of protest... just reminds us that it's good to start early!

I'm also noticed more and more how much he likes music and little songs. I've always had a few I've sang to the kids a couple of times while they were younger, but Nate really responds. One night when he was SUPER fussy and not laying down to sleep (Brian had already moved to the couch... one of those nights!)as a last resort I started whisper singing Jesus Loves Me close to his ear... he settled down, laid still in my arms and then started his "baby singing" which he occasionally does right before he falls asleep... sure enough minutes later he was OUT! So in the morning, when he wakes up beside me, I've enjoyed singing "with" him before we get our day started!

He's definitely a little charmer and his Daddy thinks he's a MOmma's boy... of course when Momma feeds him and holds him day and night, it's no wonder;) I'll take it while I can because I know he'll be running after Daddy and asking to go on errands with Daddy soon enough like his siblings;)

I'll have to end this month, like I"ve probably done EVERY month.... I am just soo thankful for my little baby boy!!

Just thinking about the time waiting and crying out to God to be pregnant again makes me even more thankful that little Nate is with us and keeping me busy. And it's a reminder that even in the crazy, messy, & chaotic moments (yes, they happen all the time here!!) that I am to have a thankful and gracious heart for and in every moment I am given... which can be super hard, but very needed and important!

**Thought I'd include a pic of him with his Dad as they model a carrier:) Thanks to Andrea for sharing the pics with us, too!


Jenny said...

That pic of Nate and Brian is so cute! Nate is sure on the go! He's so darn cute though. How cute that he grabs a burp cloth when he's tired. So sweet!

Emily Roe said...

love the first pic- very cute!!!
my daughter is in 2nd grade as well!


Bea said...

Awww!! all the pictures are wonderful!! Nate is soooo handsome!!!
I remembered what he does with his burp cloth when he is sleepy, very cute!!!!!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Glad you have a healthy growing boy! :) He's so cute!

Sarah Halstead said...

Getting so big. Growing too fast. He is sooo adorable! I love that boba photo.

grandma said...

Beautiful overview in words and pictures--blessed my heart