Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

It's Viking Invasion Week :)
This was our craft yesterday!! The kids had fun making them and then seeing them come together.... they are trying to talk me into skipping Science to do more Viking stuff today:)

We are so excited.... after a recent movie release, we have become viking (not the pro-football team... sorry) fans:)

To prepare we already have watched said "recent movie" and Lydia wanted to watch it again!! so she says, "Mommy, can we watch How Does You Train Your Dragon?"

Last week to aid in learning our memory verse, I pulled out my ASL Dictionary and taught them some new signs;) Later at lunch the kids made up a game... " guess my sign"... where they "signed" something and the others had to guess what they were saying.

Well Chris makes the "Jesus" sign and then some scary faces. And I asked him what he was signing.... I couldn't guess:)

Chris: I was saying, "Jesus scares everyone."

Me: Why does Jesus scare everyone?

Chris: When he rose again, he jumped out! And the people were scared and said,"Hey, there is the Lord's Son."

We finally got ride of a wicker shelf we'd been planning to find a new home back in Oct!!! Yes, I"m not sure WHY we had it soo long... but anyway, we brought it up again and Brian just picked it up and put it on the side of the road in front of our house....

no joke, not 60 seconds later.... before Brian could even walk back inside... someone stopped and said they wanted it... LOL!!!

Anna looked at me with Nate in her arms and said, "We are NOT putting Nate out there!"


grandma said...

I love the expressions of the kids.

Anonymous said...

ha ha! too funny about the wicker shelf & Nate. Those viking ships are awesome.

Jenny said...

LOL about putting Nate out. That's funny!

Also, Chris explanation of Jesus jumping out and scaring everyone is hilarious! He's sure got in imagination.

Kathryn said...

Oh I just love the story about Jesus jumping out of the grave. It certainly is a precious thing, so hear life from a child's perspective. Praise the Lord for out of the mouths of babes he has ordained praise!