Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Simple Valentine Celebrations

We were soo blessed with a beautiful (and windy!!!) Valentines Day!!

So glad we had talked to some homeschooling moms from our group about meeting up at a park to have a little Valentines "party"! Something fun, yet simple...

some playtime;)

and a few crafts:)
handing out Valentines to each other;)
And a snack time to eat yummy treats:)
Then more play:)
Nate got his little belly full, too, and then got to swing;)

and a plate of goodies left for Daddy while we were at the park
(some of the same treats we enjoyed at the park!!)
And dinner was pretty simple, too!!! Spaghetti... everyone's favorite;) But we did add a few things to make it a "celebration"... simple little touches!

Candles at dinner:)

Special oil dip that Daddy enjoys... that we haven't had in a LONG while:)

Our "special" glasses with fun Valentine napkins tucked underneath

We had a very simple Valentine's Day... but one that was made special by the small and simple things:) I am still amazed at how excited the kids were about pulling out the "special" glasses or using our NICE cloth napkins or leaving a plate of goodies and Valentines for Daddy.

Ahhhh, so nice to have these special days and not be rushed around trying to accomplish too much to make things "perfect".... but to use what we have, bring out some special things and spend time with one another;)

Hoping you enjoyed a sweet Valentines Day as well!!


grandma said...

Precious memories. I LOVE the picture of Nate and also of Anna & Chris.

Sarah said...

Looks like a wonderful Valentine's Day. We really missed not having a homeschool Valentine party this year. This is the first group we've ever been in that didn't have one. I'll have to think about planning something next year.

Sarah Halstead said...

How fun. What a great way to celebrate. :)