Monday, February 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts & my list continues

In my 'free' moments this week and weekend I have been savoring the words of Ann@ Holy Experience from her book One Thousand Gifts.

Oh, it's been challenging and yet, refreshing...

I say 'savoring' because I pause often to think and wonder, relate and re-evaluate.

I have really, really loved her words about the Lord's Supper and the term eucharisteo. What a great word-picture of the relationship between thanksgiving and joy.

And so I continue to count... to be thankful and find joy.
(and find more 'free' moments to read some more!!)

69. days where only hats were needed

70. a note of thanks and love from my child to me;)
71. baby falling asleep while nursing in my arms
72. campfire with friends

73. graham crackers and chocolate ready for hot marshmallows

74. a friend capturing my own quest for a s'more

75. light that illuminates the profiles of those I love soo much

76. GRACE that has been given to me, that I am learning to give freely to others
77. a plate of cookies to enjoy and share

78. church ladies who serve so sacrificially
79. new faces at worship worshiping
80. a new week with my sweet ones

The life of the godly is full of light and joy..
Proverbs 13:9
**may this be true of me and those in my house and those I love;)


Drea said...

awe i love this!

Rebecca said...

Dropping by from Ann's today. Love your list. I don't have a 'little' one anymore....I miss those quiet moments of just a my arms...nothing is sweeter, but...I love the ages my children are now.
I love your list and can't wait to read more of your sweet blog.


Shannon said...

This is so sweet.


Genny said...

This was beautiful. I love your list and photos. I haven't read Ann's book; I need to! I love her site.

Thank you for this reminder to be thankful today!

All my best,
Genny @MyCup2Yours