Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WW: Polar Dare

My Mom has saved soo many cool toys from our childhood.... especially games from when my youngest brother was growing up. And she was soo "picky" about counting pieces and making sure they are all neatly in the box.

While growing up, it got OLD finding all the pieces EVERY TIME we put something away. But it's stuck with me and I ask my kiddos to do the same!

And this is why:

What fun my mom had teaching the kids (her grandkids) to play a game she enjoyed playing with my brother! To open us the box after YEARS of sitting in the game closet and the game is ready to be enjoyed:)
Gotta love Chris' expressions... kicking back waiting his turn... aka plotting the next move:) Really he's hoping to be the polar bear and get to send the little penguins back to the starting point.

They were truly ruthless... no mercy shown... a very serious game of Polar Dare going on!
Definitely inspires me to endure through the complaints of collecting all the pieces so some of these classic and fun games can be played over and over again:)

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Jenny said...

That is great that she kept the games so nice!

Anonymous said...

How fun! That is awesome that she kept your games.