Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday: Stool, Germs & Baby Singing

Chris and Lydia were looking through a dinosaur book and I thought they were talking about a fossil. SO I asked them and this was Chris' response,

"Mom, it actually a dinosaur print that was found in hard dinosaur feces. [little snicker] Mom, do you know what dinosaur feces really is????

[me : just watching his animated gestures]

Chris: It is really dinosaur POOOOOP [yes this was roared at me!!]. And do you know another name for dinosaur poop... it can also be called "stool"! So I guess you can sit on it!"

LOL!!! And huge thank you to Dinosaur Train and the dinosaur poop episode that we've seen like 20 times.... yes, they GOT it, they GOT it all:) And they are VERY willing to share all of this fascinating information with everyone;)

LOL!! Just found it on youtube recorded off someone's TV... but a MUST see if you haven't had a laugh today:)

Brian was spending some quality time with his daughter, Anna! And while they were down at a local river front pier, he started to show her how to spit and challenged her to spit further than him.

Anna: Daddy, I can't..... that will spread germs.

LOL!! Brian said that's what he gets for doing this activity with a girl and not one of his sons;)

And Nate's not quite saying words yet...

but at church Sunday during the morning and evening services Nate enjoyed the singing. During each hymn and during the special music, Nate would sing with us, making little almost "whinning" noises...

but he was very still! It was really sweet. And I loved that he looked around at everyone else singing, like he was copying them:)

And he's little expressions right now are priceless:) Love his little "who? me?" face in this pic;)

I fixed a quick dinner for us last night, in the hopes that Brian could eat before heading out to a meeting;) Brian got his dinner before leaving, but I had to feed the kids after he left.

We were having rice, broccoli and a seasoned pork roast Brian had purchased. While a pork roast isn't "new" to the kids, we often have fussing about "new" foods....

so I was expecting some;)

Well once they all got to the table and we prayed, the kids started to eat! Oh, they LOVED the meal and told me over and over that they liked the meal... yay!! Then Chris spoke up,

"This is the most delicious meal you've ever fixed!"

Wonderful words to hear:) And I'll be sending Daddy back to find some more... I like meals that bring full bellies and words like that:)


Jenny said...

LOL about Anna worrying about spreading germs! Poor Dad :)

Abby loves Dinosaur Train too, but I don't think she's seen that episode or at least she hasn't told me about it. LOL!

Nate is too cute with his "singing"!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too cute! Dusytn saw the dinosaur train logo and said Dinosaur Train!! he he.

Angela said...

Note to self....make sure to skip that episode of Dinosaur Train :) We've been looking for a magnet to pass this week so we've had lots of poo talk too. :)

By the way, how did you cook the pork? My kids aren't crazy about meat. So if it's kid friendly I would love to know how you cooked it :)

Bunch of Barrons said...

Haha! I love that he roared at you...too funny. :)