Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aquarium, Meet Up and Cold Fishing

I am dumb-founded that a WEEK has gone by and I have yet to post my "somewhat decent" aquarium pics and share a little bit about my half of week with just my three youngest while Brian and Anna traveled last week!!

Let's just say I knew I would need back-up... LOL!!! Well, sort of;) I just don't like being alone without another adult at night... I'm a scaredy cat... and it's a great excuse to hang out with my amazing Momma:) So we invaded her house!!!

ANd to keep the kids busy and simulated we took them to the aquarium!! And before we made plans I contacted a fellow blogger who I'd been meaning to meet up with:) I have a funny conversation though about this "meet up".

I was chatting with my brother about going to the aquarium and this was how the conversation went...

Me: Yah, we're taking the kids to the aquarium.
Eric: By yourself?
Me: No Mom's coming and I'm super excited to be meeting up friend that I met online.
Eric: Have you met them before?
Me: no.
Eric: Sounds kind of romantic? .. only a little brother!!>
Me: Oh yes... me, Mom, the three kids and then my friend Sarah, her two kids and mother-in-law!! Very romantic:).... giggles...

We did finally get to the aquarium and met Sarah and her crew... very adorable!! And sweet:)The pic to the right is Sarah's:)

My disappointment was that our kids were running around everywhere!!! Her little boy Dustyn knew exactly where all the cool places were and my Lydia and Chris were in a new place and running circles around my mom and I! SO we didn't get much chat time :( Maybe another time:)

And onto my somewhat decent, but treasured aquarium pics;)

I knew my mom spoke a different language:) LOL!!! Her and the turtle were definitely connecting;)

Nate and the shark tank:) He was VERY cautious about using the glass to hold on to!
Chris and Lydia climbing all over the dolphin while Mom and I spied out a Bald eagle across the inlet.

Then Chris, Grammie and Lydia trying to touch a ray.

Lydia's highlight of the aquarium visit... so I wanted to include it;)

The kids received fishing rods from my parents with the promise that they'd take them out fishing when possible. SO don't you know my kids HELD them TO IT... so on a chilly late Saturday morning we headed out to find a fishing spot.

First place, no trespassing.

Second place, no signs... we unpack EVERYONE, set up Lydia's rod, bait her hook and she's fishing;) Then the "pier watchers" come and kicked us off... LOL!! Yes we got kicked off of a fishing spot;)

Third place, beautiful.... it was a friend of our family parents' house and it was soo nice! And so the kids got to fish...

it was super freezing cold and of course they didn't catch a thing.... but they WENT FISHING... and they were super excited they got to do that:)

We had a blast with my parents, quick visits with my brother, sister and Hannah Grace, and then we traveled home to welcome Daddy and Anna back from their own voyage:)


Jenny said...

That looks like a fun aquarium! I love places like that, but you are is sometimes impossible to keep track at kids in those big places. It makes me super nervous!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Did you all go to the other building too? Yes we need to get together again. "normally" dustyn wouldn't have been running off like that but my Mother-in-law kept encouraging it by following him. ha ha. Anyways it was great to meet up with you. That story from your brother is hilarious. Hopefully next time we can talk more.

Grammie said...

Maybe next time we will actually CATCH something....I can't wait to see their faces when they pull in their first FISH!! They'll be hooked forever after that.