Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Our little Anna is growing up and sometimes is more "grown" than she thinks;) Oh, soo soon she's going to be a foot taller and much smarter:)

Here are some things she has said recently:)

Anna: " I don't know why I like to talk a lot." and then she giggles;)

Brian had to leave the dinner table one night. Anna just shook her head and said, "He [Daddy] has too much in his hands."

Me: "What?"

Anna: [totally with a 'duh' tone] "It's an expression. It means he is too busy!"

Brian brought in the groceries today and the kids helped unpack all the "goods"!

Lydia holds up dinosaur chicken nuggets (Bible Study night cuisine). And Anna pulls out apple juice punch (can anyone say calcium??)!

Then Anna looks at us and says,"Life is good."


Bea said...

Or just when she said to us "Just wait until you have kids!!"LOL. She is so funny! ;)

Jenny said...

She is funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Too cute!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Hilarious. Merrick has a cold, and a few days ago he told me (while pointing to his left nostril) "this nose not workin, it's broken." Too funny.

Pamela said...

How do they think of these things?!! It's good you record them on your blog because when you're my age you won't remember.

Katarina said...

What great quotes!