Thursday, January 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Hubby:)

Yesterda Brian's BIG day;)

His birthday!!!

How OLD is he??? Let's just say in less than half a decade, I'll be married to a 40 year old... that sounds soo old right now!! But it's not really:) And he definitely doesn't ACT like he is older... he's got the kids convinced that I am older one of the two of us!!!

In a effort to honor him and share a little bit about him at the same time... I am going to use the "i like" model from the i Like book (I'm giving one away on SIMPLE that ends tonight!!) So here goes...

I like that Brian is a man of integrity. You live what you believes and are VERY intentional in your words and actions.

I like that you takes time out of your busy evenings to jump on the trampoline with the kids or read them books at bedtime.
I like that you support us homeschooling 100%... helping with running errands, collecting library books and "quizzing" the kids at lunch:) And encouraging me through it !!

I really like that you'll clean up the kitchen after dinner if I am busy tending to kids or housework.

I like that you leave just as much as me laying around the house:) LOL!!

I like that you support my picture taking!!! And are a willing "model"!!

I like that you are a VERY hardworking and complete every task to your VERY best ability!!

I like that you are a good teacher and pastor and I sometimes get to listen to you teach from God's Word... I really do learn, when I can hear over squirmy kiddos.

I like (well sometimes NOT at first) that you confront me when my heart, action and/or attitude is/are wrong.... phew, he'll tell you that can be dangerous... LOL!!... but he does it because he LOVES me.

I like that you can be soo silly sometimes... whether hamming it up for the camera, chuckling at Readers Digest jokes, shooting Chris' NERF gun at us or trying to make the us laugh.

I like that you are very compassionate!!!

I like that you listen.... a girl has got to get in all her words each day:)

I like that we share the same BIG goals for our future... while the details are still in debate;)

I like that we are so alike in our parenting on the things that matter MOST... yes, I'm still going to shutter when you play rough with the kids... I'm the mom, it's my job:)

I have MANY more "i like"s.... but I'll just share my favorite:)

I like YOU because you are mine!! Remember.... you made vows :)
I couldn't imagine traveling down this crazy parenting and Life road without YOU!!!

I hope you a had a great day with us as we ventured out with the whole family,
My sweet husband, lover, best friend and great father to our crazy bunch of kiddos!


Jenny said...

I hope Brian had a great birthday! What a wonderful post, he'll love it!

Drea said...

love that brian lets u photograph him too - he is expressive!!

happy birthday brian!
and yea 40 sounds old right abt now :) but Travis is right behind him!

Anonymous said...

Great photos of Brian. Happy Birthday to him!

grandma said...

"I Like" all you said about that fellow!!!