Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

Our Family Way last week was about being gracious even when we didn't want to. We had it written on the whiteboard and I had to field a call while in the schoolroom with the kids... at one point I was getting frustrated and I looked up and saw the words... LOL!!! Thankfully I did what I needed to and not what I wanted to... even though my heart wasn't totally "on board".

Language Arts
The middle ones are plugging away learning their preposition list:) And Anna is busy in the world of adjectives in Rod & Staff.

As far as reading, we had a "still working on it" week.... Chris is working on a Magic Tree House book,  Lydia read through 2 or 3 books and Anna was finishing up Little Women.

We did two days of journaling and they worked on a lesson or two from Writing with Ease!!

Anna had a tough spelling section that we worked on a little longer... it was words with "qu" and they were some tough ones like "mosquito, require, turquoise". Thankfully we got through it;) Lydia and Chris had a review week in spelling, so they worked on words that they had previously missed.

We're wading through math facts, early fractions and long division hiding in word problems... oh my!

Xtramath is also really working for us;) I'm hoping to post more of the things that I have found helpful in getting us "enjoying" our time!

Spies of the Civil War. After reading our history pages we read more detailed stories about three of these spies;)

Chris had the idea of calling each other by numbers after our first readings because of the story of one the men using numbers to hide the identity of his network of spies. So the rest of the day you could hear, "23 I like your picture! Hey 11, could you pass me the paint!" LOL!! It was a fun, simple "change" to our day.

The kids also got into using a cipher to decode a message:) I found some online for them to work on as well... they really liked solving the codes!

Since we had grandparents coming later in the week, we spent time finishing the projects from last week. Bridges and trees re-glued .

Chris made a comic strip of the Battle of Vicksburg. Lydia did a flipbook for the Battle of Gettysburg:) And then the girls did get to present their projects to Grandma and Grandaddy.


IMG_0687We worked on the inclined plane and the wedge.

We had an activity that was supposed to help us see which plane required more "force" by seeing how stretched out the rubber band got.

Unfortunately, our rubber band was stiff and our "car of choice" wasn't heavy enough for a noticeable difference. They did see that the distance was obviously more for the less steep plane while the ending place was the same (height).

They really liked racing them down the slope.

We spent another afternoon reading and defining wedges! We were surprised by how many different types and jobs of wedges!!

On Thursday we welcomed Grandma and Grandaddy:) I'm not sure how many times I heard "When are Grandma and Grandaddy are coming??" So obviously everyone had a great time ... once they got here;) I got to attend a Saturday morning Women's Conference... yippee... much needed:)

On Friday we attended a program at our library about Dental Hygiene. The lady doing the program was a hoot.... she was very animated and the kids had fun.

After the program they ran off some energy with friends in the library's meeting room (it was nasty outside)!

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Phyllis said...

What a great, fun week! Your weeks always impress me!

Jenny said...

I've been using x-tra math with Abby and it has really helped her retain the math facts. She says she hates it though, but it's only a few minutes each day.

The "qu" spelling words would be hard. The English language actually doesn't make much sense when it comes to spelling. LOL!