Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Just a Little... Snow

While we did get a tiny snow in late January, we finally got a snow event last weekend.... at least for our area;)

Growing up in MD, we saw plenty of snow and even a few blizzards:) One of my favorite blizzard stories was getting stuck at school because of snow.... yep, we sure did play in the gym, watch afternoon cartoons in the library and eat pizza for dinner! We didn't spend the night though, a bus equipped for snow brought us home at about bedtime;) My mom's version of the story is totally different, her viewpoint being the parent trying to get her kids (my brother and I) home:/

So the quarter of an inch snow we had last weekend... wasn't much:( 
But for my Southern kids... it was SNOW:)

Chris excitedly watching all the snow falling... it was a pretty sight!

Anna in the "bucket" swing


the girls trying to have a snowball fight

my neighbor's apple trees... boughs still snowy




Holly Oshesky said...

I love the picture of your child at the window and all the joy that is written on their faces. Hopping over from Wordless Wednesday

Jenny said...

Well, years ago I would have called this snow, too! But since we had real ;) snow some years ago and and since that time every winter some snow at least (it just snowed last night again, well, this time only a little bit more than you had) I am like you and would say this is not snow ;-)