Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trucks, Trucks and More Trucks

After Nate had soo much fun with The Snowy Day, I thought another THEME would be fun. In my planner I have that we were going to do the new theme for about 2 weeks.... well Nate's been busy potty training and just playing contentedly... so it's stretched a little longer, which is fine!

Our main book was Trucks by Byron Barton. It's a little chunky board book that Nate found at the library and wanted to bring home... and so the theme was born:)

And of course you can't do a theme with just ONE book;) So we also enjoyed reading these... (either library finds or things already at our house)


And we didn't just read books.. Netflix helped some too:)
  • Bob the Builder series
  • 36 episodes available of Mighty Machines - trucks, planes, trains...  the boys loved the few we watched
And then the activities.... its funny the things he does like and the things he quickly looses interest it:/ Can't quite figure this kid out:)

This moveable digger was a hit;) He completed it Sunday night before school even started for the week:)


Nate knows a handful of his colors... but I liked this activity to help him practice the ones he's still guessing at... I really didn't think he'd LOVE this activity as much as he did....

 and continues to use as he pulls them in and out of the little packet to practice his colors;)

I saw this activity from somewhere:) It looked cute and Nate loves sorting and glue... but he didn't dig this one very much... in fact it's still not complete :(

Nate loved "building" his T truck. We pasted the pieces onto white paper and he scribble-scrabbled all around it;)

Nothing replaces playing with trucks on the floor;)
He actually found this set of "construction" trucks for a few $ at Walmart:)

He even used the trucks to share his treats with the others at the table:)

We also used a little problem solving set he received from Christmas!! Awesome idea to get fun schooling things at Christmas;) And this is a set he will grow into:)


Not pictured was the matching cards I printed and laminated from Two Little Seeds.

I had hoped to talk a little more about shapes since some of the activities included some shapes but he did practice his colors more so now he is using a few more works like pink and orange. And shapes will be a nice thing to practice as we prepare for the next theme;)

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Caroline said...

Fun! My preschooler loves themed units, too. "Trucks" is a good one! And I totally agree -- gotta have multiple books for a theme unit! :-)