Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tiny Talk

During a project....

Chris : "Mom, do you think I am still arty?"


After opening a box full of new batteries, Nate jumps up and down shouting "Awesome! Awesome!"

I totally didn't know he knew that word! LOL!


We made cookies one night. We told the kids that they each could have a few. As she waits for her share Anna counts the cookies and divides the number by 6 (the number of people in our family).

Then she cries out,"Hey, division does work! We each can have 5 cookies with one left over!"


The kids wrote in their journals about a job they would have if they lived during the Civil War. All three said they wanted to be leaders (captains, generals or spies) in the Union army. After they had read their journals aloud to us, I asked why they had all chosen to be with the Union army.

Chris said ,"They were the winners. And because we live where the Union was... duh, we live in North Carolina!"

So yes... that conversation definitely ended with a map, specifically the one we colored with all the states colored Union, Confederate or neutral.

And now it's turn!! What have your kids been saying?

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