Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Could Live on a Farm

I wanted to share a few more pictures from a quick visit we made to a local family farm because some were soo cute. And how we felt after we left that afternoon!!

You can easily see that the kids had a blast...

everything from snuggling with new puppies,

chasing chickens (or watching the puppies do it),

brushing a horse,

feeding the horses (and trying to feed the goat),

finding the peacock!

We loved it all!!

I grew up in a community surrounded by houses, but I remember passing some farms with horses grazing in the field. I took horse riding lessons with my Girl Scout Troop and even with a nasty horse-dander allergy, have ridden a couple of times since then. I've always wanted to have a decent sized garden where we could eat from it during harvest and make our own spaghetti sauce and salsa! I got to help feed a baby goat as a child and have wanted a goat since... possibly now for goat's milk and to kill snakes;)

But I know NOTHING about farm animals.. there would be a huge learning curve and definitely some really funny stories;)

IMG_0244I was also inspired by the teenage child of the family we were visiting. She cared for all the animals feeding them and giving them attention. She easily walked the horse to the barn for the kids to brush him and then got him ready so the kids could ride him. All the responsibility she displayed, the confidence and knowledge. Would love to have my kids have a similar experience!

And then there's the "farm feel"... that you MUST spend time outside with the animals... feeding and caring for them. Outside... the beautiful sunset, the "simple" life.

We left talking about living on a farm, owning horses of our own.... 

we could live on a farm:)

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Grammie said...

Grammie could also live on a farm!!!