Monday, February 18, 2013

Baskets? Touching Squirrels?

Last week I was able to "help" in the middle kids Sunday School class. My friend was telling the story of when Jesus feed the 5,000 with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish.

As she finished the story Chris had a question for her,"Did Jesus make more baskets, too? Because in the story there was just one basket in the beginning but there were 12 baskets at the end?"

During an opening of one of our devotion times I asked (because it was a conversation starter), "Why do you think we are born young children and we have to "grow up" before we are adults? Why can't we all just start as adults?"

The lesson was about learning patience as a child.

But my Chris... always on top of everything... he says," It's probably because an adult can come out of a Mommy tummy!" LOL!! Of course!

LOL!!! The kid is ALWAYS thinking!!


This week I was working orally with Anna's Grammar practice. Since it was picking out verbs in sentences I thought I'd include Chris and Lydia:)

The sentence was "The grey squirrel was fast." or something like that.

The kids should have called out WAS :)

But instead they called out "squirrel":( So I responded back,"Verbs you do but can't touch. We can touch a squirrel."

Lydia jumped up and shouted, "WHat?! You can touch a squirrel, I've never touched a squirrel before."

Thankfully we have a few more months of schooling left and plenty of years... to possibly touch a squriell!


And my Nate that can say anything:/ Due to potty training we've had to talk to him about potty words used inappropriately through the day:(

His cute phrase is "Thank you , me."

And this isn't exactly "talking".... but it does show where Jack finds the most comfort when I am cooking dinner;)
  • IMG_0662

Funny thing was I hadn't noticed I had a tag-a-long piece of tape on my house Crocs until I saw the picture the following day.... and the tape was still there:/

And now it's turn!! What have your kids been saying?

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Mama S said...

Love how these tiny talks are recorded here, so many memories