Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Potty Trained:)

So Nate is fully potty trained... like take him out around the town, let him nap in undies and even a dry diaper most nights! It was totally NOT me....

in fact...

After Christmas, Nate began saying to me," Mommy, me need to do potty."

And I'd be mentally somewhere else (like picking out groceries) or physically busy (like totally in the middle of breading chicken or something) so I'd call back, "Nate it's ok, you have a diaper... just go in your diaper." Yep, parenting at it's highest level:/

Finally Nate started taking off his diaper and climbing onto the potty and just doing it!!

I dreaded #2s .... he just did it!!

I wondered when to start teaching him to stand up (like when he's 10?? LOL!) ... he started that last week!

I did offer treats as reminders and I wondered when I'd have to take away the treats... many times last week he stopped asking, for the most part! This weekend he was treated with more candy, so pottying has been a good excuse for him to enjoy them!

IMG_0729I have to admit that I feel a little lost now that Nate is potty trained??  For almost 9 years (in May Anna will be 9!) I have changed a dirty diaper every day... at least one! And for the last almost 4 weeks I think I've had one.. maybe??

In some ways, it's a nice change:) Less diapers (still using them at night, though I think he's wanting to wear underwear then, too) and it's a lot easier while we're out for Nate just to use the potty when we do!!

But in a very real way, we really now feel like there isn't a baby in the house anymore... there is a kind of "sad" feeling, too! Anyway....

I know waiting until kiddos are 2.5 isn't really ideal, I mean who wants to buy diapers for that long and no telling what they would say about him in an preschool program! But I tell you, now that I've had my 2nd child potty train themselves, there is definitely something to waiting until the kiddos are ready!!

And since this is Tiny Talk....

While reading with Nate I realized that he has been calling all females in books "Mommy" and all males "Daddy". The only differentiation is he calls little kids "babies"! It super cute... but don't try to correct him because he is adamant that he is right!

And evidence of who ate the cookies.... a little Goldilocks-ish!


Your turn


Kayris said...

Mine were both closer to three.

My first started taking off his diaper at around 18 months, so we bought the little potty. He used it a few times, but the turned two, had a baby sister, and absolutely refused. After spending hours sitting on the bathroom floor with him one day, singing songs and trying to get him to go, I decided it was stupid and I had better things to do. He trained himself right around his third bday, went straight to standing at the regular toilet.

The girl adamantly refused to use the toilet at 2.5 because she said it was gross. A few months later, she threw a diaper at her father and hollered that diapers were for babies. She's been day trained since then. Unfortunately she is a bed wetter so we still have to buy big kid pull ups.

I liked having them do it at three. It meant they were old enough to hold it if we were at the store or in the car ten minutes from home. No nasty little potty. They could wipe themselves right away. And virtually no accidents once they made up their minds they were ready.


Phyllis said...

I have given you a blog award...
Have a nice day!

Jenny said...

That's great, congrats!! I agree with letting them be ready. I bought Abby a little potty around age 2, but she wasn't fully trained until a little after age 3. And at night, took even longer. She is a deep sleeper!

Suanna said...

Great Job, Nate! You just need to talk to my three year old now and tell her how to do it :)