Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nate, is that you?

Well, after enjoying the curly locks...
we thought it was time they said "goodbye"!

One of the older kids saw him after and asked,"Is that even Nate?" LOL!

IMG_0368I know part of waiting to cut his hair was us wanting to hold onto Nate as a "little guy" a little longer. But the extra hair was getting to be hassle... trying to convince a 2 yr old he needed to be still to condition his locks at each hair washing was getting old., for him and us;)

Anyway, he looks years older especially in all of Chris' 3T hand-me-downs that we had to get out for him this week...

oh, and that he's been working on potty training this week. Now you know why the blog has been a little quiet:)LOL!!

He's getting too big!

I guess I'm ready? I'm not sure we're ever really ready for our little ones to grow up although we know that another fun stage is around the corner;)

*I'm NOT a hairstylist and am definitely NOT claiming to be one. In fact, after the 3rd big chop I thought I was going to have to find some professional help... LOL!!! I want to trim a little more in a few places (I'm sure you see them too) to clean it up a little more;) 

But overall, we like it;)


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness, so sweet! LOL about the kids asking if it was even Nate.

Grandma said...

wow! That is one cute fellow!!!!

Bunch of Barrons said...

He does look older!