Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Simple & Beautiful Cake

In preparing for Grandaddy's Birthday, Lydia helped bake his birthday cake;)

Since we have food allergies, we followed the very easy recipe of cake mix and a cake of soda. Mix it up very well and stick the cake(s) in the oven!! Lydia did the mixing alone.

She sprayed the pans, I divided the batter and put them in the oven.

The simplicity of the baking (and the super sweet and cute helper).
And then the simplicity of the decorating, I thought would be fun to share our final product!


I definitely am not a decorator at heart... but every once in a while a crazy idea WORKS for me :) Like using a single bow on the top!!

IMG_1489Oh and in case you're wondering....

it was red velvet, Granddaddy's favorite!

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Bir Terazi Kizi... said...

Es ist wirklich beautifull!

Von Germany...

Jenny said...

It looks yummy!

Grandma said...

The cake was indeed beautiful and delicious. Lydia, you are very smart to be able to do all this "cake making" already.