Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lots of Soccer

'Tis the Season for Soccer:)

After the latest cancellations of soccer games we are now in full-blown soccer mode. For the next three weeks we have 3 nights of soccer games... yes, 3 nights a week:)

Thankfully the kids are still loving it;) And Daddy gets to cheer them on uniquely as their coach... (momma just yells from the sidelines)!!

IMG_1409This has been a "building" season for our team:/

 In a 6-9 yr old league, we have a very young team and many of them are also inexperienced players. Just take my two as an example... Anna is 8 but this is her first year! And Chris, he played last year but he's the youngest age possible being 6!!

We obviously have a challenging time trying to play teams with a majority of 9 yr olds who have been playing for 3 years!! Our team looks like kindergarteners compared to those boys;) LOL!!

But the kids have been great! Trying their hardest and really having a great attitude about each game!

It's been exciting as a bystander to see the kids improve and to see my own children become aggressive little players. Or  to see the team coming together to encourage one another and attempt to play together.

And maybe it's drawn my two eldest together in a special soccer teammate bond...


Just a few more weeks;) And they are already talking about next fall when Lydia can be on their team!! Three siblings on ONE team.... definitely convenient for this family:)


Anonymous said...

It is so great to read that Anna and Chris are playing soccer. If I would live close I would join each time they have a match. :-)
Today the German Women National Team arrived in Chicago. They will have two matches vs. USA on coming Saturday and again on coming Tuesday. Perhaps you will the chance to watch them in TV? I do not think that I will watch them. The match on Saturday will start at a time when it is 1:00AM here and the one on Tuesday nearly the same time 1:30AM.

Jenny said...

That is so fun! The kids look adorable!

LOL about the kids looking like kindergartens against the big kids.

Sarah Halstead said...

Cute photos. I want Dustyn to play next year. Totally missed the sign ups this year! Opps!

Bunch of Barrons said...

Cute shots! I would love to let Merrick play again next spring. He always asks me about it.