Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breakfast with Brother

The boys are in the other room eating breakfast together. The last few mornings they have woken up about the same time. Wrestled in their room for a bit and then come downstairs together. It's precious.

Nate grabs his little blue bowl. Chris gets an adult glass bowl and says to Nate,"You can't have this kind of bowl because you are too little!"

Nate does his protest fuss.

Chris rephrases his first statement, "Nate you can use your blue bowl since you are just learning how to eat cereal. [momma chuckling] But Nate when you get big like me, you can eat cereal with a big bowl like me. What do you think about that?"

Nate responds, "Ok-ta!"

Minutes later they are smacking down on their cereal together until Nate tips his over spilling some milk onto the table. Very normal around here :/

As Chris finishes up his cereal, leaving nothing in the bowl, he shows Nate. "This is how a big boy finishes his cereal, Nate!"

It's sweet to me to see the boys beginning to connect "as brothers" and Chris showing Nate how to be a "big boy"! I am thankful because the girls have a growing sister relationship (making "clubs" together, sharing clothes) and now I get to see the boys starting to connect too:)

Just something funny I heard on the radio this week that applies to the boys' cereal choice. The radio personality said that a bowl full of Lucky Charms where all the charms have been picked out is a bowl full of UnLucky Charms.

LOL!! Couldn't help remembering it as I saw the box sitting in front of the boys;)

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Jenny said...

LOL about the Lucky Charms, that is so true. You know, I like the Target brand Lucky Charms better than the real one.