Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creature Science

Our new location has proven to hold many creature treasures:)

We have caught/seen some of the most common and coolest creatures since moving here in July. Some of our favorites have been turtles, lizards and dragonflies:) Then we had the giant grasshopper.

A friend watched the kids one afternoon and they caught a praying mantis in their insect habitat (at her house just miles away)! Definitely cool points with this creature science family:)

But this week, as Daddy was leaving for work he found a true creature treasure;)

The kids moved the crayfish to a larger habitat with some water and vegetation (hmmm... weeds they had pulled up). We kept him there until we could investigate more about crayfish before letting him go;)

It always amazes me what we get to discuss and explore during these unplanned investigations... like invertebrates, exoskeletons, nocturnal, mating, swimmerettes, etc!

This was our favorite website resource. Definitely on our level. And then we googled more questions, like if they breathe underwater and on land??.... very interesting;)

IMG_1461And having the live animal there makes it super hands-on and cool:) I mean you can read about how to tell the male and female crayfish apart. But what about reading about the differences and then figuring out what gender the crayfish in the habitat is!!

Memorable!! LOL!!

After all the crayfish conversations and questions, we let the little guy go near the pond (aka... swamp) in our yard.

As usual, I learned a lot... and I'm guessing the kids did too;)

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Jenny said...

Crayfish are so freaky looking! They are neat though. You have a whole science classroom in your backyard!

Ticia said...

Oh my crayfish are weird! But how neat you got to see it in your backyard.

Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday! (sorry I'm late commenting)