Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Anna (8 yrs old): Hey, guys, as I watch shows about Mitt Romney I have seen that he likes one animal off of Sesame Street. Do you know who it is?

Chris and Lydia randomly guess.

Anna: Mitt Romney likes Big Bird!!

LOL!! They are listening, but sometimes don't totally "get" the message!


One way the kids help before mealtimes is by getting drinks for one another. Nate was upset this week by what was fixed for him. He repeated over and over, "Lydia milk me!"

I thought it sounded funny:)

And while he likes milk, the other kids were enjoying a treat of grape soda!! So he was definitely disappointed as he took his first swig of his drink and it was MILK (soymilk)... not soda!


Lydia's math has been asking Lydia to write the days of the week (and months) from memory. She's done it a few times now, but this week things began to click for her.

Lydia: So there are 7 days in every week and then it starts again?

Chris: Yep!

Lydia: WOW! (like this was the first time it made sense)LOL!!

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Jenny said...

That is so cute that it finally clicked for her. LOL about Big Bird.

Abby said something pretty funny the other day. She woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was so crabby. I hadn't even said anything to her yet and she says, "Mom, I just knew the minute I was born that you would yell at me every day of my life." Quite sassy, but pretty funny!