Monday, October 15, 2012

realities of puppy days

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she made the comment," Don't take offense, but your experience with having puppy has shown us that we're not ready for a puppy!"

IMG_1442LOL!! Her comment was funny to me because I really had only shared the really challenges of these "puppy days" with her besides the random Facebook posts about our Jack issues. But maybe I was sharing them with the "right people" who needed to hear:)

Then my brain thought... maybe others out there are considering a puppy;) They are soo cute and precious. To see my little 2 yr old "walking" the puppy with his big boots on saying, "Go stinky, Jack!" is quite priceless... or is it...

so I'd thought I'd share my two cents about having a puppy... specifically our puppy, Jack! Maybe I can talk some of you out of a new puppy... or maybe even into one:) LOL!

The first couple nights were ROUGH!! It was really our fault because we bought Jack without really being prepared for Jack:) And so the fifst night Jack "slept" in the washroom. He was not happy there so I slept on the floor outside the room with my fingers under the door.... he was happy only when his nose was touching my fingers;) And he woke with every sound, the grandfather clock tinging at every hour and half hour was tough.

The second night, I needed only sleep!! So I attempted to sleep with Jack on the couch. Since he was initially afraid to jump off the couch he stayed there all night ( it definitely wouldn't work now that he jumps freely on and off the couches). It was really funny though when Nate joined us on the couch in the early morning hours.... me, dog and the 2 yr old!!

Thankfully the following weekend my parents brought a crate down for us...
Nate trying out the crate.

Jack loves his crate.... yes, we do feed him:)

The crate was wonderful. I wasn't worried about him ripping up the door or getting behind our appliances. He can see us while he's in the crate and he's fine being in the crate while we're in the house (like during school time). He's loved his crate:)

And the house-training.... I stink at potty training kids, the oldest 3 are out of diapers but the 2 yr old isn't:/ And there I was trying to get a 5 month old puppy to NOT pee int he house. Even from day one he'd only have an accident or two inside per day...

fast forward through some long days... and we've had 5 accident-free days;) Yippie!! Now if I could only get to potty in the first few minutes outside versus the half hours I spend outside a few times a day!

There is soo much I want to say about the puppy days.... but pictures do a better job explaining;)
He gets dirty in minutes... high-ish, weedy grass also aid in the mess;)

ANTICS... he tries to steal EVERYTHING

nose touching from the bath tub.... he HAS to see everything the kids are doing!

a very patient study buddy!

definitely entertaining to see him tearing around the yard: (and house when he's inside)

There is STILL plenty of work that needs to happen with Jack!! He is definitely needing some training... how to "come", "give" and "not touch"! And let kids have toys that he steals ALL DAY!

But he's been great with the kids... he is super patient and gentle with Nate. And he keeps Chris in his place;) Actually the best thing for Chris and jack is for them to go on a walk together exploring.

Schooling has been affected as well:/ Basically we start later and end later... we all miss the earlier start but that will come back as Jack (and I) establish a routine... my days might have to start a little earlier:/

I heard confirmation of our attempts at caring for Jack;) We had to visit the vet again for an ear treatment. THe first visit our vet seemed very critical of us and made a couple of statements that she wasn't sure we should have a puppy with our young kids and me being clueless about puppies;)

This week though she actually said how pleased she was with us and how well we were doing with Jack;) Yeah!!

sooo we are making it;) We are all getting used to Jack and taking care of him.

and that's the reason for the lack of the blog right now.... can blog as I walk the dog... I'm not that coordinated :)


Jenny said...

That was kind of rude of the vet to comment on you having a puppy. You already bought it and were caring for it! Geesh!

Anyway, Jack is adorable! I can only imagine how insane it is to have a puppy. I've never had one, but I remember my cousins having them when I was younger. They'd tear up the house, have accidents, etc, etc. Eventually they do get trained and dogs are such great companions.

For now, we will stick with cats. They come litter trained and clean themselves. LOL!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, you did not talk em in or out for having a dog as my allergy would not allow me to have one. But as i was never ever very comfortable with any animal i have to say it does not matter as i am not missing anything.
But it is so great to see your kids enjoying to be with Jack!