Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Early Financial Chats & Love Notes

This week Brian had found a fun item at a local store. He told me about the item during a meal and was showing hesitancy about actually purchasing it.

Lydia piped up, "Daddy you don't have to use your money. You can use your credit card!"

It's is amazing how much kiddos pick up, even little things like how we pay for things, but they don't see the WHOLE story. So Brian thought he'd take the moment and make it teachable.

He explained to them how using a credit card works and made a little story about buying an item at the store for $100 but then when it was "paid off" months later actually paying the credit card company more than $100. The girls sat and listened intently; Brian was glad they were listening so well.

Then towards the end of the conversation Anna looks at Brian and says, "Daddy, your lip is bleeding."

LOL!! Who knows when they stopped listening... thankfully we still have plenty of time to re-teach:)


A few days ago Chris and Lydia were making little notes for others. I heard them giggling as they ran out of our bedroom. I wondered a little what they were up to but never saw anything too out-of-order when I walked in.

Fast forward to Monday morning as I was stripping our bed, in between the top sheet and the comforter was a little folded heart.

Inside it read, "Love. Mom you are the best mom from , Chris"

Can't tell you how nice it was to start the day with a little note:)

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