Saturday, November 3, 2012

Using Halloween to Serve Others

While most of our "Halloween" festivities included churches Fall Festivals, we did join our local home school group in a Reverse Trick-or-Treat at a local Rehabilitation Center/Home.

skunk and the lollipop
When the families planned for the year, one mother suggested that the kids serve our local rehab center by dressing up the kiddos and letting them hand out candy to the residents. I have to admit I was a little skeptical of MY kids being comfortable enough around the much older residents and my 2 yr old giving other candy from his basket...

especially since he definitely does not share his stash with his siblings:/

I gave the kids some "pep talks" about showing love to the residents and how excited they might be to having a younger child speak to them and show them kindness. About how some residents might be "sick" and not respond or act sleepy and that they just needed to be sweet and patient. And I sang them a bit of the Audio Adrenaline song "Hands and Feet" to remind them that they are showing love by a simple act of service.

And then we were off:)

At first they were a little hesitant about approaching residents.... but then they were all over the place handing out their treats:)

Lydia the Cowgirl Handing Out Candy

Chris Handing Out Candy


As a bystander watching my kids be generous and kind was precious. Memories of Chris running from room to room trying to find another resident to give candy to or Nate digging through his bag of lollipops to pick out a certain color for each resident... just too sweet.

The SKUNK was a hit, by the way; everyone had to "meet" the skunk;)

And when some EMS/transport guys came walking through the hall, you know the kids had to bless them with candy as well;)

It was a great experience for everyone.... and yes, some kids did "sneak" some candy (Nate was definitely the 1st!!!) but after how "generous" they all were, I think they deserved a little treat:)

And I look forward to more ways to get my kids serving others through our home schooling group and individually!!

Since I've not shared our official we are dressed up for Halloween... I'll share it now:/  I'm not a big Halloween celebrator but we certaintly had fun this year at various church festivities, this service event, pumpkin carving at home and making pumpkin cookies with friends:)


 My two little cowgirls, a pirate and a skunk;)


Grandma said...

Absolutely precious and rewarding to everyone.

Bunch of Barrons said...

Aw, they are so cute!

Jenny said...

That is so awesome! I bet the residents LOVED it. Your children are so precious!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

What a sweet idea!I'm always looking for ideas to help my kids think of others.