Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wing High & Voting

Our little Nate has been going through a word explosion.... it's nice! I was a little worried he's a very vocal little guy (just ask about him at the local Walmart... LOL!!), but didn't really try to use words to communicate... he just grunted, yelled or pulled us to what he needed.

IMG_9639It seems like for the last 4 weeks he's been attempting new words each day... usually two or three. They are still very "baby"... but it's a start:) And I'm loving the "word(s) of the day".

Yesterday it was "mil" for milk and "bla" for black:)

And if you ask him how old he is, he'll definitely enthusiastically tell you "TWO!!".. unless he's being bashful:)

Of course he'll also tell you that Mom, Dad, Anna, Chris, Lydia, Gran-Grandma, Grandma, Grandaddy and Collar are all "TWO!!" too:)

Last week he started saying "wing high".... the kid who was scared of swings now loves it;)And wants to go high;)

BTW... we were at a beautiful location, but you would never realize it from the picture... funny how that works sometimes. Here is another shot with the background showing!


The kids heard a news report about the upcoming election. And so they asked,"Mommy who are you voting for?"

Of course I wanted to see how they would answer the question:)

Chris: "I'm voting for Newt Gingrich, no I mean Barack Obama, no I mean Mitt Romney.

Anna: "Well I wanted to vote for Rick Santorium." (remember she also wants him to be the new pastor of our church... LOL!!)

Lydia: "Well, I want to vote for George Washington!"

Looks like even this group is still undecided... good thing we still have until November before the voting happens.

Now it's your turn!! Link up those fun and interesting conversations with you little ones;)


Jenny said...

LOL about the voting. Wouldn't it be nice if we had another George Washington?!

Cute picture of Nate on the swing. That's great that he's talking more.

grandma said...

We love the "Tuesday Talks"------Impressive that they know all those political names

grandma said...

Anxious to hear all that talking from Nate!