Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nate's Strange Fear & in the Pool with Uncle Eric

I wondered what Nate's reaction to the water was going to be this year. At the end of last summer he had just started to want to get into the water and swim around close to us with floaties. Thankfully he didn't mind the floaties at all this year... he gladly played with them on near the pool:)

The biggest surprise was his reactions to when Uncle Eric would swim under the water.

And the he really started hollering and getting fussy.

This is what he was seeing.... Chris and Lydia standing on Uncle Eric who was under the water.

That made him really upset.

Uncle Eric made the comment that he felt loved that someone cared for his safety as he wrestled with the middle two kiddos.

Something tells me, though, that he had JUST as much fun as they did:)



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 then, she {snapped}


Drea said...

thats hilarious. I love the pool :) - Travis is rough with the boys tho, scares me a little bit. Taite has done A LOT of belly flops.

Jenny said...

Poor Nate! That is sweet that he's worried about him. Maybe you'd better get Uncle Eric some swim floaties. LOL!

Mama Eagle said...

What a sweet little guy - reminds my of my fellow - turned a whopping 7 yesterday. But at that age, he would have reacted the same way.

You should hear him trying to talk himself into protecting his big sisters from bugs.

Shannon said...

Poor fella! He thinks someone is getting hurt! Great pics!