Sunday, June 24, 2012

Moments to Remember: Wesley's Birthday at the Beach

Can you believe this little guy...

is 1 already???

Since we don't often get to see my brother's little family and to celebrate Wesley's birthday, we ventured to the beach on Friday. While we are consumed with all things "packing"... I have to admit that it was a very refreshing break AND we made many memories with my brother's family and Grammie and Pey:)



It didn't take long for them to be all over in the water:)


Except Nate, he preferred the sand;)


We got in some pool time before the festivities;) Lots of fun memories of Lydia's 1st time swimming under water, making a current, more wrestling with Uncle Brian and Pey's 1st time in a pool in over a year (which he was very excited to be able to do... even let kids "surf" on his back)!!


And then we got to celebrate with Wesley and the many friends and family present;)

While I enjoyed staying at a distance to take pictures AND getting into the pool with everyone... it was warm... yay!! One of my favorite memories of the day was holding my nephew!! He had had a big day (and week on vacation) so I wasn't expecting to get a minute or two with him, I did though as we arranged cars before we had to head home.


My brother plopped him in my arms and he stayed content. So sweet:) He even told someone "no" and shook his head when they held out there arms to take him from mine:) LOL!!! What a sweet age:)

Here's a flashback from last year!

And then another from this weekend:)

Happy 1st Birthday to Wesley!!! And thank you to my brother Brian and sister-in-law Kelly for the fabulous and much needed day at the beach:)

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Jenny said...

What a great day! I remember when you posted the picture the first time you met him. I can't believe he's a year old!

Happy Birthday to cute little Wesley!