Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Simple Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day this year very simply. On Saturday we took a quick trip in the afternoon to spend time together away from all the tasks needing to be done.

On Sunday, we gave Brian the little cards the kids had made. It was a printable where the kids filled in information about Brian. Just filling it out with the kids was a clear reminder of how different the kids are. Anna went off by herself for it to be a secret, Lydia gave answers to everything (whether she knew the answer or not) and Chris wanted the EXACT answers.

So Father's Day morning, Chris started bombarding Brian with the questions that he had left blank;)In the middle of getting dressed for church, Brian had to come step on the scale for his exact weight.... LOL!!



Chris gave Daddy a $1. He thought every card needed a dollar:)
Lydia's card... we wrote it together, her answers some of my writing;)
Brian also got to pick the meals for the day:) So we ate pizza and breakfast:)

I am thankful for a husband who loves and provides for his children. Who looks forward to coming home from work and having children come running to the door to greet him. Who wants the best for them even if it means we live on one income so Momma can stay at home to teach them or he has to walk through piles of Lego creations. And who wants to be a good Daddy ! He's their biggest fans and they love attention from their Daddy:)

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 then, she {snapped}

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Jenny said...

That is so cute! It is so fun to see how different each child is.