Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Worth It!

Motherhood is HARD.

Throw in all the normal responsibilities we have daily... keeping the house (or at least trying), cooking meals, keeping the kids safe and clean, teaching,  encouraging and shaping their little hearts which is all about TIME.

And then the extra stresses... knowing we need to have a house packed soon, preparing for another school year and a climbing 2 yr old into everything!!!


Sometimes the burden becomes heavy... it feels like too much to handle. These last few weeks I have been there.

The burdens of trying to balance it all  and wanting the ideal of enjoying this sweet stage in my children, modeling Christ's love to them and living the blessing of being at home with them ... left me drained... tired... sick... almost feeling depressed... I just felt like I couldn't do it all.

IMG_9293I honestly wanted to "get away"!!  Just somewhere for a bit where I wasn't needed every second... and not just to get away from doing things for my family but to not have the responsibility for their well-being.... just for a bit!! Heck, even a trip to Walmart alone sounded like an exotic vacation:)

Finally, I was able to share my heart with my husband.... who understood it as being a need and not just me complaining. And we have had an almost relaxing weekend where I did get some precious moments of "nothing I HAD to do" (there is always plenty to do!!! ).

And this week I had some moments with my mom on the phone. I didn't mean to share my struggles with her... she already has plenty on her plate right now. But her words hit me and comforted me... right where I needed.

Me : Mom, I am sorry I am sharing all this. I really didn't mean to and don't want to stress you out.

Mom: No, it's not a stress. It's actually a reminder of how I used to feel. I had you 4 children and the daycare kids. Kids all day at home with me and I remember feeling the same burdens and wanting to get away.

Me: Really?

Mom: Yes..... but Kelly, it's all worth it!

WOW! Here is a mother who about 25 years ago stayed home with a house full of kids... some hers, some not. And she felt the SAME way.... but she could look back and then to the present to see that her time at home even amidst the struggles and strain of being at home all day was "worth it"! And she is reaping some of the benefits of her time since she enjoys great relationships with ALL of her 4 grown up children and gets to be the Grammie of 6 grandchildren!

We know that this motherhood journey (whether we stay at home or not) is tough. But we also know when we pour our lives out for our kids, serving them joyfully, teaching them diligently and correcting them gently that our time is not wasted.

We know that it's worth it!!! Really, deep down I do!

I just needed to be reminded..... again!

To be encouraged to go back into the thick of mothering with a servant's heart willing to do what is necessary for my kids because it is worth it!

It is hard... but it is worth it!

Linking up to Moments to Remember!! Hoping that it can be an encouragement to others as it has been to me. And the sweet moments from the pictures.... that can be sweet moments or stresses... depending on MY heart !


Melissa from the Blue House said...

I remember feeling like that when I was a SAHM. Now that I have to work full time I'd give ANYTHING for that togetherness with my kids again. Enjoy it while you have it.

Jenny said...

Wonderful post and oh so true!

Discovering Montessori said...

This post is so inspiring!! Thank you so much for sharing.

Angela said...

Thank you for expressing in words what my heart has been struggling with for the past few months. May the Lord continue to bless you as you pour into your childen. And may your children's children reap the blessing you are pouring into your family.