Monday, June 4, 2012

House Update: That's a Lot of Dirt

We had some MAJOR projects done last week;)
 It's soo exciting to see some of these "biggies" be completed!

One biggie was the water line from the road to the house.... it ended up being almost 400 feet.
And guess who helped put it in??


Yep, Brian!!!
He had the man grading the yard dig the trench with his big 'ole machines;)

And speaking of the man grading... he did it! And we are left with a lot of dirt:)

The hill going up onto the property is gone! It has made it look more like a yard :)

the back of the house
Nate in the backyard.... surrounded by dirt!
These are also new... our heat pump, AC and the water line waiting to be connected to the house;)

This was our front yard from the front porch two or three weeks ago...


And now... just dirt!

 Front Yard June 1, 2012!!
It almost looks ready:) Home.... with a lot of dirt!

On Monday we will have a gravel driveway:)

Then later this week we are hoping to see some stairs to get into the house;) Also the final water connection and tests to be sure it's all working correctly! Our back door that was made backwards is also getting replaced this week!!

I wish I knew more about putting together a house/yard and knew the answer to the big question, "How much longer until we move in???"

Regardless.... we have plenty to do on this side to get ready!


Jenny said...

That is some yard! I'm so excited for you all!

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Wow! Amazing the difference a little dirt makes! It's starting to look like a home!

Jaime said...

Looks amazing Kelly. How exciting!! I'm jealous

Sarah Halstead said...

That is so exciting. It is looking great.