Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday - Oh, my Chris!

IMG_9189We have been "collecting" items for over a month for a yard sale. Each weekend we have pushed it back another week or two because we've had other urgent tasks for those days! But the kids have been watching.

I didn't realize how much though until I saw this after Chris had cleaned his room.

The funniest thing was that I told him it was really sweet for him to be offering his bears to others. He then suggested to me that we spilt the money that someone would give him for the bears:)

I explained it to him that a "free bears" sign means that someone can have the bears for free, no money. He quickly changed his sign to have the word Bears and a picture of a dollar bill... LOL!!

We played a review game about Napolean the other day. And the question was "What country was Napolean's old enemy?"

Chris: The British?....  I was right?  (quiet moment) I am always right!!

LOL!!! Not lacking in confidence, is he:)


We have really been trying to work on table manners the last two weeks. It seems like the meals were getting more and more chaotic! Probably because Nate is wanting to join us at the table which is pretty wild!

But we've decided to bring back some manners. We made a little list that I read with the kids in the afternoon before (or while) we eat and then we try to "practice" them.

One afternoon Chris was having the worst time trying to remember to use his fork and NOT his fingers.

In desperation to help him I told him to sit on his right hand (since he is left-handed) and keep his fork in his left hand;) I was hoping that by making his right hand "unusable" he would be able to eat with his fork:)

But after a few minutes Chris says to me," OK, so we are learning manners right? So why are you telling me I have to touch my bottom while I eat?" And of course he says it with a HUGE smirk hoping to make his sisters laugh.

Ohhhhh, my Chris!!

And now it's your turn:

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Jenny said...

That Chris is hilarious!