Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Wetland Walk with Dad, Turtles & Birds

To celebrate Father's Day a little, we headed to a new town to "check it out". We had heard of some fun opportunities there and thought we'd have some downtime together... leaving the "to do" lists at home;)

In this quaint little city they had a beautiful boardwalk and we found that it extended beyond the downtown and into a wetland preservation area!!

Funny how it works sometimes though. The kids and I had read through some wetland books the week before and so they knew what kinds of things to look for:)  It was fun actually seeing some of those same animals in the books as we walked!!

very outgoing turtles that followed us hoping for a bite to eat

red-winged black bird.... soo cool to see them!

Lily pad blossoms

We all thought this pair was funny:)

Nate loved looking for wildlife as well:)

He definitely kept his Daddy busy:)



And since it was chilly.... this was all that we braved the water:)

Speaking of turtles and wildlife... it sounds and looks like we might have a lot at the new house. We have found deer tracks all over the lot. Neighbors have told us that a big turtle roams the area around our house and up the street a bit. The chattering of different birds makes the property soo peaceful. And snakes... urgh... Brian helped another neighbor with a snake last Saturday... I DON't like snakes!!

We found this on the property last weekend.

We were guessing what kind of eggs they were when the neighbor told us about the big roaming turtle. Now we're trying to guess who dug them up??

round button chicken


Jenny said...

How cool to have a turtle! Of course, there must be 2 of them if there are eggs. :)

It looks like you had a great day! Love the pics!

*kate said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Great pictures.