Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's these....

sweet moments you always want to remember....

If you can't play it above, here's the link:)Too cute NOT to watch... of course this IS his mother speaking:)
It was equally cute and entertaining to watch Chris and then Lydia & Anna order an extra hamburger and extra french fries at lunch this weekend. They are wanting to be soo grown, yet still get timid around strangers....

Chris was standing next to a cop eyeing his gun... it was at his eye level... LOL!

Chris did the "pumping his arms" in celebration about getting change back and then said "yes!" when they handed him his hamburger in a bag:)

And Lydia grabbed Anna's hand for support when it was her turn to ask. But in the end, Anna had to ask:)

Meanwhile, Brian and I are peeking around flower arrangements watching them. Brian actually made the comment that we were having a "cute" afternoon:)

And I whole-heartedly agreed!
Sweet moments with sweet kids growing up soo quickly!

After loving on a friend's cat, we were talking about the cat's claws and I (always being the teacher!) asked the kids why the cat would have such sharp claws (it was a outside cat)!

And Anna responded," So she can protect herself from the creditors!" LOL!!!

I think she was meaning "predators" but it was really cute!

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grandma said...

this is absolutely adorable!!! it is so great to see the video when i can't see Nate

Bea said...

Nate is a very beautiful baby!!!
Chris and the gun... LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! I need to start doing this so that I can remember what Dustyn says.

Jenilee said...

what a sweet video. :) and the "creditors" - soo funny!