Sunday, August 29, 2010

When Daddy does the Shopping!!

yes, I HAVE and DO take all 4 children grocery shopping at one time!!!

I've been working on the technique for a couple of months now... BUT... after 2 or more recent trips that totally STRESSED me out... you know... older kids playing tag in the aisles, baby screaming in the carrier (hungry, tired or BOTH!), bickering over who gets to hold the pasta... We decided to come up with a "new" plan.

For a couple of weeks, I'd go out at night after dinner with just Nate. If I took care of him inbetween stores, he was a great little shopper. I"d get home soooo late, but at least I wasn't stressed and I actually felt like I got a "break"... night out at the grocery store.... whoo hooo.....LOL!!

The last few weeks Brian has been in town daily, so he was given the task of grocery shopping. He's pretty good about following a list although I did find Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cookies & Honey Buns in his bags after ONE trip:)

And I appreciate the fact that Brian very happily will use the coupons I give him and use the Food Lion flyer at Walmart, both save us money each week:) But Brian has turned out to be a very savvy, food-allergy shopper and brings us home all sorts of goodies.

This is some of what he brought home this week......

Yes...... 7 lbs of ketchup (he also found a pump for the lid) and 9 doz cookies...

and this pic doesn't include the 5 lbs bag he bought of frozen french fries!!!

We've joked that we've moved from the Family Sizes to the INDUSTRIAL SIZES:) He was soo excited to show me and tell me how much less per ounce (or other units) they were compared to the "normal" sizes!!!

*** And for those interested, the cookies only require ONE egg, water and oil and are milk-free:) The allergist has suggested using tiny amounts of egg in baked goods to see if Lydia and Chris react and sooo far they've been fine;) Ok, to do at home with the Epi close;)

And for your entertainment I"ll share this store.....

Last week I ran into the grocery store for a few items with all 4 kiddies!! We found some great deals on meats and fruit, so we ended up getting a full cart. Minus Nate being a little fussy and naptime (for all) approaching, the kids did well and were excited because they got a treat that I got on sale!

I paid and we left the store:) Oh, I was SOOO glad the "quick" trip had turned out soo well... happy mommy, happy kiddies!! I got to the van and piled all the kids in.

I soo have it together... I am the Savvy-Shopping Mommy of the Year!!

Remember the verse " Pride comes before the fall" ?

I look around and realize that I have left ALL of my groceries in the store..... not just a bag!

But ALL of the GROCERIES!!

Maybe Daddy should just keep doing the shopping for a while!!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday


Jenny said...

LOL, all of the groceries?! What did you do? Too funny!

That's great that Brian has helped with grocery shopping. I like when Dave goes, because he'll bring me back some Oreos.

Jenilee said...

oh wow!!! you are toooo funny! :) yes, pride does come before the fall... what a GREAT mommy story that you will tell for many years to come! great post :)

Jill said...

LOL All the groceries, too funny! But you got the important ones, the children. :-) Good job Daddy on helping you out, that's great.
My youngest daughter is severely allergic to all components of egg. It has certainly changed our lives.
I cook most things from scratch.
Hope you have a great week

Our Family said...

So funny- that is something I would do!! :)
I LOVE when my husband does the grocery shopping! He gets all sorts of goodies too!

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER go shopping by myself with 2 kiddos. WTG with 4 even if you left ALL your groceries. LOL!

Tara said...

haha funny! I understand completely. I feel like it is mommy time when I go with just me or just me and Andrew to grocery shop. I have another dilemma when I take all four. I have to put Selah in the front of the cart and Andrew in the back. No room for groceries. So I either pull an extra cart. Have Hannah push it (which is semi stressful having a 5 year old behind you with a cart. :)) or put Andrew in the sling. Haven't forgotten the groceries yet but did have apples fall off the bottom of the cart and a nice man return them to me.

Mommy2Four said...

Too funny! :) Great Not Me post!

grandma said...

I was holding my breath! ok about the groceries---you got the valuables--the kids! ha